U-Can Merge makes tin cans that are designed to pack, store and transport liquid food products. Common examples include sunflower oil, olive oil, corn, honey, jam and molasses.

Metal packaging is favourable to various other packaging materials. Metal cans made of tinplate have many benefits such as product safety, strength, lightness and long storage-life, in addition to the possibility

of applying various images, allowing you to distinguish your product from similar ones of your competitors.

We are a customer-focussed producer and our experts are ready to answer your enquiries and advise on all the technological features of our production. 

We aim to produce reliable, practical and attractive
metal packaging for your product


  • The unique lid shape and canister seaming lock guarantee tightness of capping and preservation of the product.
  • The rectangular canister design, paired with the difference in size between the top and the base closures, allows for stackable storage and ease of transport.
  • The firm tightness of the canister is achieved by applying a sealing paste compound along the contour of the lid and bottom of the canister.
  • Much more efficient storage and transportation solution as compared to round canister.
  • Protection of the canister contents from direct sunlight.
  • The simple design makes the canister easy to fill and handle.
  • Exclusive personalised appearance for your brand.

Technical specifications

The U-Can Merge canister has a rectangular shape with a neck on the top lid, which is closed with a plastic cork of the “berikap” type.

The canister is made of high-quality electrolytic tinplate and equipped with a plastic handle.

The outer and inner surfaces of the canister are coated with anti-corrosive varnish that prevent the contents from direct contact with the metal ensuring long-life of the product.    

We produce canisters with the capacity of 18 — 20 litres

Canister Dimensions:

  • Base - 235 х 261 mm
  • Height - 363 mm
  • Weight (net weight, empty) - 1.08 kg
  • Neck diameter - 42 mm or 132 mm


At U-Can Merge, our company ethos is to guarantee quality and reliability.

Our metal canister meets all the requirements of European standards.

We use all component materials of the highest quality from European manufacturers that are food grade certified and meet the sanitary standards in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine. 

Our company carries out quality control throughout the entire process of the canister production. 
Raw materials and consumables are inspected at the initial stage, then a thorough production control is conducted at each site of the technological process. At the final stage a comprehensive inspection of finished product takes place.

Quality control of the finished metal packaging is conducted under the following parameters:

  • Visual inspection of the appearance and state of the surface
  • Geometric parameters of the product
  • Quality of performance of the canister neck
  • Control of the canister for hermetic strength - checking the shape and size of the bottom and lid lock tabs using the cut method
  • Quality of canister seams - tightness is tested by the air-water pressure tester


We create aesthetically appealing and personalised packaging for your product.

U-Can Merge also offers varnishing and lithography services for any tin packaging: i.e. application of your brand logo, corporate design, as well as any bright and colourful images that may emphasise on the qualities of your distinctive and unique product.

When lithographing tin, we use high-quality printing inks from leading European manufacturers.


U-Can Merge is committed to the development and promotion of safe metal packaging.

Our company’s products meet sanitary and environmental standards, are food-grade certified and environmentally friendly.

All materials that we use in production have quality certifications and are environmentally safe.

The use of metal packaging saves resources by curbing food waste. It also aids in protecting the environment, as the recyclable nature of tin means that it may be processed into new raw materials without the loss of quality.